We are a cultural ambassador and a development promoter

Our mission is to entertain and to suggest comprehensive strategies that will empower our community leaders and local populations to rebuild our environment and society by identifying sustainable mechanisms to restore and conserve our natural resources, improve our agricultural practices and promote preventive medicine.

We participate in our community's education

HM Radio, Inc. is a not for-profit institution dedicated to provide a platform to all Haitian immigrants communities around the world to be engaged in all aspects of social, economic, political and environmental development of their native land through educational media contents and small scale projects in specific local communities.


Please join our effort to prevent the spread of HIV amongst Afro-Caribbeans in New York City. Visit our forum page for more information.

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    Listen to some of our best shows, podcasts and commentaries of 2016.

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    We are dedicated to public education through sustainable media contents.

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    We are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year and we are very excited about this milestone. Happy 10 HM!

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