September 2007!

Our first show debuted in early September 2007 in Brooklyn, New York. Later that year, thousands of listeners started to call and congratulated us for this initiative. We became very well known not only in the United States and Haiti but around the world.

(M. Medozile and V. Louis)

In Summer 2008, our director, Dr. Macceau Medozile reconnected with one of his old friends from Les-Cayes, Haiti, Professor Vaniel Louis, a former President of southern Haiti's Red Cross regional headquarters and President of the Haitian National Boy Scouts chapter of the southern department. The two men pledged to work tirelessly to promote the Haitian culture throughout the world and to contribute to the development of their home country through research and public education. One of the important objectives of HAIMUSIQUE was to help reduce the prevalence of the HIV infection in Haiti. Through participatory research and comprehensive interventions, HM Radio, along with the Haitian Ministry of Health (MSPP), dozens of NGOs, the PEPFAR program and others, contributed to efforts geared at addressing the prevention, infection stigma and treatments of HIV-AIDS in many underserved communities in Les-Cayes, Port-au-Prince and in many other counties in southern Haiti.

Pastor Gedeon Amazan

In 2010, Dr. Medozile was able to reconnect with a former friend and Haitian radio broadcaster, Pastor Gedeon Amazan (from Radio Lumiere), who started a gospel show (Message de Repentance) to further his evengelical ministry and preach the good words to all those who want to listen. Pastor Amazan has been a model to many of us at HM Radio. Many other friends and contributors also participated in the sprout of the radio, among whom, Psychologist Michel Aupont, Dr. Robert Desrouleaux, RNs Christella Coeur-Aimable and Linda Avril-Risselin, political commentators Kerol Lundi and Metellus Francois Sergo, Philosopher and Writer Camille Loty Malebranche and dozens of college students, farmers and university professors.

Our Board of Directors

Professor Vaniel Louis, Registered Nurse Linda A. Risselin and Nurse Practitioner Christella Coeur-Aimable are the members of the Board of Directors of HM Radio, Inc.

This year, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary and renewing our commitments to the Haitian communities all over the world. Please help us improve our broadcasting system and remain on the air with your donations. HM Radio is a not for-profit institution that relies financially on the public to survive. To make a contribution today, please click on the PAYPAL LINK or click HERE. We will appreciate your assistance!